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Genghiscon 2016 and the New Year

Greetings Shaintar,

Welcome to 2016 (3125 Under the Light)! A new year brings new Stories and Ancient threats to the fore. Beginning with the Rising Darkness Prelude and continuing after the fall of the Blood Lord's shade with Dark Whispers, we are now on the cusp of the next Global Storyline event to be unveiled THIS WEEKEND at GenghisCon and online.

2016 brings with it the exciting Rise of the Fallen storyline.

Players and Gamemasters alike should check out the forums as new information will be released throughout 2016.

J&L web tools

Good morning folks, I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the various web tools and their functions for Shaintar J&L.  I've created a forum thread for archival and discussions if needed and we'll be updating this thread as we add or modify tools.  J&L Web Tools Forum Thread

Shaintar's Bright New Future

Darren Pearce loves Shaintar. It's important that you understand that right up front, especially since it's one of the biggest reasons I agreed to do what I have done.