News and Announcements

Check back often for important news and announcements from our Raven's Flock staff and the creator of Shaintar, Sean Patrick Fannon himself.

The Fall of Colonel Wolfhaven

On the Thirteenth hour of the night of First Hunt 33rd while in the White Silver Wolves base camp headquarters Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven was struck down. His body has been removed from the camp and his current location and condition are unknown. Captain Rorauk Fyrforg has stepped up to take overall command of the White Silver Wolves to ensure that the great Colonel's work in defending against the darkness will not be lost. 

Happy 3125!

With arrival of March, we enter the new year in the world of Shaintar: Justice and Life. Year 3124 brough with it many grande events and 3125 promises even greater challenges ahead. I encourage any GM who has not already been on the forums recently to review the new Rise of Fallen Global Storyline information. And to all the players and GMs thank you for playing!

Vainar Returns!

From his sanctum deep within Shaya'Nor, Vainar the Fallen, the God of Darkness and Death, has risen after over a Century of dormancy and descended to Shivak Novos, the Grey Lands, where his followers have amassed an overwhelming force in preparation for his arrival.