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Revised J&L Map Project

Greetings friends,

Three years ago we began an epic adventure with the launch of Shaintar Justice & Life. Now, our friends at Savage Mojo plan to immortalize your campaign contributions with a new & improved updated Shaintar Map, inspired and created by you! Scheduled to coincide with the conclusion of the Kickstarter book releases, the new map will contain elements from as many of your campaigns as possible.

What Regions/Factions would you, the players and GMs, like to see as the focus of future Storyline events? If you have your own ideas, please comment.

Kal-A-Nar Empire vs Unchained?
10% (1 vote)
Malakar Dominion/Red Store?
30% (3 votes)
Prelacy of Camon vs Cavaliers of Camon?
10% (1 vote)
The Desert Princes/Lost Empire of the Golden Sun?
50% (5 votes)
Tempest Invasion/Og'M'Drakar?
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 10

Shaintar J&L Running Games (edit 9/29/16)

Greetings Friends,

Every so often it becomes nessessary for us to determine the status of our many Gaming groups across the world. If you are a GM or player, please review the following list and, if you have any information regarding the status of any games, let us know! 

Thanks in advance.

Current Game Status:

At Large

Rangers at Large

Company of the 6th Silver Unicorn (haiatus)


Rangers of the Greenway Road (Echer'Naught)

Rangers of Bearheart