J&L Events

This is a timeline presenting mostly recent events in the world of Shaintar. These events have taken place at and around Justice and Life games around the world and serve as part of the continually growing world of Shaintar.
Calendar of Shaintar
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Year Month Day Event
3123 Festival Moons 32 Lady Harken declares martial law in Echer'Naught
3123 Festival Moons 31 Echer'Naught Watch Station, Baker Street and Ranger HQ hit by Arcfire bombs!
3123 Festival Moons 31 Camp Wolfhaven Established
3123 Festival Moons 29 Military Supply Warehouse destroyed in Echer'Naught
3123 Festival Moons 27 Echer'Naught Chapel of Light assaulted
3123 Festival Moons 13 Operation 'Spear Tip' Initiated by Black Lanterns
3123 Festival Moons 12 Endra's Gambit - Enter the Pit
3123 Festival Moons 8 Alchemical Rescue - Part 2
3123 Festival Moons 5 Aggressive Defense of Sog
3123 Festival Moons Endra's Gambit - Entrance Denied
3123 Festival Moons Endra's Gambit - Cut the Lines
3123 Festival Moons A Cold Reception
3123 Thunder Hawk 27 Assault on the Western Walls of Sog
3123 Thunder Hawk 25 Alchemical Rescue
3123 Thunder Hawk 22 Rangers of the Greenway Road Arrive in Kythros
3123 Thunder Hawk 20 Rangers of Sog Begin "Aggressive Defense" Campaign
3123 Thunder Hawk 16 Sog freed from Prelacy control by Rangers
3123 Thunder Hawk 14 War Supplies Reach Jasara Harbor
3123 Thunder Hawk 14 Crimson Crusade takes Stoon
3123 Thunder Hawk 12 Crimson Crusade Marches on Stoon
3123 Thunder Hawk 10 Final Recapture of Prelacy Captain
3123 Thunder Hawk 6 Red Store/Flame Ambush frees Prelacy Captain
3123 Eternal Sun 20 Construction Begins on Wolfhaven's Home for Lost Children
3123 Eternal Sun 20 Construction begins on Wayfarer's Rest
3123 Eternal Sun 20 Construction begins on the Southern Military Road (aka Farwatch Road)