J&L Events

This is a timeline presenting mostly recent events in the world of Shaintar. These events have taken place at and around Justice and Life games around the world and serve as part of the continually growing world of Shaintar.
Calendar of Shaintar
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Year Month Day Event
3125 Dark Moons 1 SgtMajor Magor Stormhammer rescued
3125 Dark Moons Crystal River Scouting Mission
3125 White River 1 Baron Alexander Wolfhaven, Olara, weds Lady Elyanna De'Lear, Wildlands
3125 White River Purity Scouting Mission
3125 Gray Winds 8 Baron Alexander Wolfhaven brings suit against Ranger Corps
3125 White Stag 25 Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven resumes command Regional HQ in Echer'Naught
3125 White Stag 24 Shaya'Nor's Forces Attack Echer'Naught
3125 White Stag 3 Long Recon Ends (DragonCon 2016)
3125 Raining Leaves 24 Crimson Crusade Conclusion: Fall of Camondel
3125 Raining Leaves 19 Crimson Crusade Conclusion: Defiance
3125 Raining Leaves 16 Crimson Crusade Conclusion: High Port
3125 Festival Moons 33 Destruction of Archanya and Mindoth's Tower
3125 Festival Moons 28 Long Recon Begins (DragonCon 2016)
3125 Festival Moons 2 Battle of Four Armies
3125 Golden Eagle 15 Destruction of the Chalice
3125 First Hunt 33 The Fall of Colonel Wolfhaven
3125 First Hunt 26 Colonel Wolfhaven arrives in White Silver Wolves Camp
3125 First Hunt 22 White Silver Wolves Mercenary Company Campaign Begins
3125 Falling Ice 30 Battle of the Red Lamp
3125 Falling Ice 26 Gray Lantern search for Answers
3125 Falling Ice 21 Gray Lantern Investigation of Assassinations
3125 Falling Ice 8 Lieutenant Celebor named Interim Regional Commander
3125 Falling Ice 1 Sergeant Evoran Que'kassars assumes temporary command of Echer'Naught
3125 Falling Ice White Silver Wolves Mercenary Company Marches North
3125 Falling Ice Vainar's Curse Returns to Echer'Naught