History of Shaintar

In the Beginning...
According to Druidic and Elvish legends, the Earth Mother and Life Giver, SHANAIS, bonded with the Sky Father and Great Maker, TARGON. Their bonding created the world called SHAINTAR. Shanais opened pathways for the Dwarves to make their way into this new world. Although some legends hold that the Goblinesh "stole" their way through these same paths, while others claim that another greater being, one who hated Shanais and Targon, led the Goblinesh through, most scholars and theologians that Shanais herself led them through as she did the Dwarves. Targon created breaches in the Veil between Corelesia and Shaintar, allowing the Fae to take living forms in this new world (and some legends hold that the Aevakar, jealous of the Fae's special status, sent some of their own through these breaches).
It is unclear in any of the legends as to where the reptilian Dregordians came from; some hold that they simply came about as a result of Shaintar's own evolution. Regardless, the Creators clearly saw them as their children.
As they surveyed their creation, it is said that Shanais and Targon jealously guarded those who they had given favor to, and gave them unfair advantages over those that their mate had favored. When they found their children fighting over which of them was the greater, they despaired of their own arrogance and lack of wisdom.
As a sign of their unity, Shanais and Targon created Humans together, and brought them forth in great numbers into their creation. Not wishing to stand as a source of further conflict, the Creators decided to leave their creation to its own development, seeking other places in the universe to create new worlds.
Before they left, however, they chose to raise certain beings to watch over their creation and protect it against the unknown enemies they suspected they had. They chose one of the Dwarves to be master of The Living Mountain, and DRANAK was raised as the Ascended known as STONEWALKER. ZAVONIS of the proud Aevakar was raised to become the WINDMASTER, ruler of The Endless Sky. Looking to the strange but wondrous Dregordians, they raised ILLIANA to become the WAVERIDER, and her home became The Boundless Sea. From the Humans they raised CEYNARA as the DEFENDER, and it was her task to guard against destructive forces and dark enemies in Corelesia.
Finally, they raised up VAINAR, one of the Fae, to stand as the SOULFINDER and primary of the ASCENDED. Making his home in the ethereal Eternal Forest, he sought to make all the realms in his sight safe and prosperous.

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