Cosmology of Shaintar

This section deals with the rather extensive cosmology of Shaintar - the realms of creation, magic, and spirit. Corelisia is the name of the vast spiritual realm (perhaps better described as a plane of existence) that exists “beyond the Veil” from Shaintar. Some refer to Corelisia as the Astral Plane, others call it the Aethereal World, while still others consider it the Land of Dreams. It has many more names as well; perhaps it is all of these things and more.

It is believed that, if one has the means and knows the way, they can travel through Corelisia and go anywhere. Those mages who concentrate their studies on Patternology are aware that there are many other worlds and realms connected to Corelisia. They also know that traveling to these other realms is extremely dangerous, with the chances of returning to Shaintar remote at best. Though it defies absolute definition, Corelisia is nonetheless of primal importance to the spiritual makeup of Shaintar and its people.

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