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The following is a compiled Calendar of Events from both the World Book and the Justice & Life Campaigns. As new data is entered into the wiki's this document will automatically update with the latest events.
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Calendar of Shaintar
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Year Month Date Title Type Location
3122 Raining Leaves 4 Captain Wolfhaven rescues hostages from Acolyte bandits J&L Event Echer'Naught
3122 Raining Leaves 3 Merchant Caravan raided at Dwarven Waystation J&L Event Echer'Naught
3122 Forest Dance 28 Misplaced in time J&L Event
3122 Festival Moons A temple for The Silver Unicorn J&L Event Stahlheim
3122 Thunder Hawk 14 Childer in Stoneheart Mountains J&L Event Stahlheim
3122 Thunder Hawk Echer'Naught Ranger Outpost begins J&L Event Echer'Naught
3122 Eternal Sun 33 Sir Alexander Wolfhaven joins Ranger Corps J&L Event Kythros
3122 Eternal Sun New Ranger squad in Stahlheim J&L Event Stahlheim
3122 Red Wolf 33 Builders and the Dominion on the Coast J&L Event Coastline
3122 Red Wolf 15 Coastline Ranger Outpost Founded J&L Event Coastline
3121 Forest Dance 20 Comes the Visionary J&L Event Drenmar
3121 Forest Dance 11 "Recruitment Day" - Harrigan's Heroes in Drenmar World Book Event
3121 Planting Moons 33 Gate of Hell are opening World Book Event
3119 Vainar the Fallen, returned? World Book Event
3118 Forest Dance 15 The Battle of Eagle Watch World Book Event
3097 Red Wolf 4 Alexander Wolfhaven is born J&L Event Olara
3097 Centenium Council formed World Book Event
3046 Paradise Delivered World Book Event
3030 Festival Moons 33 Chapel of Light constructed in Echer'Naught J&L Event Echer'Naught
3026 Dark Hunt Expedition World Book Event
3024 Church of Light is Born World Book Event
3023 Bloody Iron Hand World Book Event
3022 The 100 Years Peace World Book Event
3021 Second Echer'Naught Curtain Wall Construction Begins J&L Event Echer'Naught
3021 Betrayal War World Book Event