Northern Gathers

Darkness Falls across the Gathers


On 33rd Raining Leaves to 12th Havest Moons


Darkness Falls across the Land (in the Northern Gathers) crackling with purple and red lightning. It covers sky in the area of Trem, Shaya'nor and sweeps south west to cover the Fallen Woods and Zor in the Northern Gathers. Over the next few days the dark fearful clouds sweep south Covering Furg and Erlg in the Northern Gathers, still headding south to the area of Sog.

Red Store, Shaya'Nor, & Deniers

Using the trade channels established during the Malakar Dominion's sale of corpses to Shaya'Nor, Red Store is solidifying its presence in the Northern Gathers acting as brokers between the disenfranchised Deniers of Death and Shaya'Nor, purchasing fresh corpses from Crimson Crusade battlefields for corrput rituals, and making in-roads into Shaya'Nor in preparation for Shaya'Nor inevitable rise to power.

New foes:

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