White River

Ranger Internal Investigation team leaves Echer'Naught

Inspection team departs Echer’Naught with Chief Inspector Ss’kar na Ssavassaran under arrest afer his attempted assassination of Col. Wolfhaven. With the unexpected, and inexplicable, aggressive behavior of the Chief Inspector, the actual Inspection team returned in disgrace to Echer'Naught they themselves now the subject of an intense investigation.

The Fiend Reborn

A large undead force assaults Sun's Crossing, led by the wraith known as the Fiend.  Militia and local Rangers route the army, and save the village from destruction.  Rangers confront the Fiend, who is accompanied by a Builder and a large war golem.  The Fiend merges with the war golem, warping and twisting the metal automaton into a terrifying new monstrosity; a Wraith Golem.  The Rangers manage to damage the creature in the ensuing battle, but the Fiend manages to teleport away from danger.

Current whereabouts of the wraith golem are unknown.

Hunt for the Chimera Begins

With attacks from the Chimera of Mordin happeneing across the Wildlands and the Elven Nations, Grayson's Gray Rangers have answered the call.  Teams are being dispatched to region near the Korg humps where the attacks seem to be imminating from.  While the location of the Chimera's stronghold and the exact nature of her plans is still a mystery the Rangers will stop her.  

*** these events occur during Ghengis Con 2015 in Denver CO.***


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