Gray Winds

Ranger Internal Investigation arrives in Echer'Naught

Summoned by request from Colonel Wolfhaven, an Internal Investigation team dispatched by Ranger Command in Kythros begins operation in Echer'Naught with the stated purpose of critical review and uncovering potential security risks or spies with Echer'Naught Regional Command.

The team is led by the mysterious "Inspector", a Dregordian Adept.

The 6th Company Destroys the Shining Tower

The 6th Company travels along a major filament, using the newly christened flying craft, the Escape. Crash landing on a high terrace of the sky-reaching tower, they battle their way through hordes of Builder forces to directly confront the entity known as the Crystal Tyrant.

The 6th Company Arrives on the Isle of Norvos

At the end of the known world, far to the south, the 6th Company of the Silver Unicorn faces terrible sea-borne threats - a sea drake, Children of the Sea and their allies - before hitting the shores of the Isle of Norvos.

Battling through hordes of recently (summoned? awakened?) childer, they make their way into an ancient Builder-constructed facility featuring magical technology and mechanisms even their Builder ally, Alozjy, is amazed by.


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