Harvest Moons

Fifth Company of the White Silver Wolves created in Tirene

Per orders, elements of First, Second, Third AND Fourth Companies of the White Silver Wolves are recalled south, marching via most direct routes to board River Trade Coalition ships at Tirene. Other recruits have been dispatched to a staging area in Eastport.

Construction complete on Wolfhaven’s Home for Lost Children

Another even better turn of events, was a letter from Master Builder Garok Mason to Corporal Longtail revealed that the construction of her Wolfhaven’s Home for Lost Children had been completed on the 6th, of Harvest Moons, 3123

Stahlheim arrives in Echer'Naught

With the utter destruction wrought by the forces of Flame during their summer raid on the city of Echer'Naught, Lord Mayor Baron Wolfhaven requested aid from his longtime allies in Stahlheim. In their typical fashion, the dwarves of the mountain answered the call with gusto bringing to aid their friends:


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