Thunder Hawk

Sog freed from Prelacy control by Rangers

The Goblinesh Gather supporting Stoon called Sog had been taken early in Thundering Skies 3123 by the Prelacy of Camon as part of the Crimson Crusade.  With the united efforts of Grey Rangers from all over the area it has been taken back and freed.  Refugees from Stoon and Branosh have been pouring in and outcries of support to the Rangers have been heard.  In response a new group of Rangers is being formed know as the "Rangers of Sog".  

Crimson Crusade takes Stoon

After a long hard battle the forces of stoon have fallen to the Prelacy of Camon.  The Gather was lost along with thousands of souls.  

Crimson Crusade Marches on Stoon

Reports have been filing in from rangers in the far north.  The Prelacy of Camon is pushing west harder everyday.  The gathers at Branosh and Sog have fallen and Stoon is under attack.  Greysons Grey Rangers have dispatched from various groups at large in the area as well as from Jasara to help in its defense.  


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