Thunder Hawk

Wolfhaven Barony Destroyed

At dawn on the 10th, Echer'Naught Rangers were surprised in their bedrolls by an attack by Childer forces. The assault was so sudden and overwhelming that most of the partially repaired buildings were already in flames before the Rangers had time to draw their weapons. Acting swiftly, again the Rangers focused on evacuating civilians, but this appeared to be the third defeat in a blitz style attack by Kal-A-Nar forces.

Kore Attacked

Just over a week after the destruction of Sun's Crossing by an army of Kal-A-Nar troops, another force, potentially a second army attacks the city of Kore, quickly over running initial defenses. This force was comprised of mostly Childer, Firestorm addicts, Maelstrom mercenaries and a handful of Acolytes. Odd, there were very few line troops engaged in the assault.

Surviving Rangers from Sun's Crossing, under orders from brevet Regional Commander Lieutenant Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw, scouted the city and engaged Kal forces south of the city.

Alchemical Rescue

Ranger Corporal Sky was assigned to lead a group of new recruits on a mission to investigate the rumors of 2 missing Alchemist Goblins.  The Goblins were from a smaller town in the woods where they could gain easy access to ingredients.  The mission was to find the alchemists and figure out what was going on out there.


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