Thunder Hawk

Siege of Echer'Naught Begins

At dawn, an elite force of Kal warriors, under nominal command of the villain known only as the "Flame Ranger", managed to take control of the West, or Elven Gate, just as a large army of Kal-A-Nar appeared on the horizon. Due to the swift response of the Rangers, and the heroic actions of their commander, Lt. Hawksclaw, the gate was recaptured preventing the Kal from quickly taking the city.

Their blitz attack thwarted, the Kal general settled in for a long siege and erected siege engines around the city. By the night of the 19th, the bombardment of Echer'Naught had begun.

Kal-A-Nar forces Breach the Walls of Echer'Naught/Echer'Naught is saved

After days of constant siege, the Kal army finally manages to breach Echer'Naughts walls by way of a massive Demon that, smashes through the ancient Dwarven stone before cutting a bloody swash through the city's defenders. 

For hours the brave defenders of Echer'Naught fought a losing battle as the Kal forces poured into the city. By dawn, only a small group remained pushed back to the inner walls of the High Towne. As dawn rose on the 22nd, the final defenders threw open the gates to High Towne and charged forth to meet the foe.

Wolfhaven Barony Destroyed

At dawn on the 10th, Echer'Naught Rangers were surprised in their bedrolls by an attack by Childer forces. The assault was so sudden and overwhelming that most of the partially repaired buildings were already in flames before the Rangers had time to draw their weapons. Acting swiftly, again the Rangers focused on evacuating civilians, but this appeared to be the third defeat in a blitz style attack by Kal-A-Nar forces.


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