Thunder Hawk

Taking Velkalar's Mountain

Early on the 16th of Thunder Hawk, the army of Colonel Wolfhaven marched on the "vale gate" laying siege and breaching the defenses by late afternoon. The "front gate" secured, Wolfhaven's forces begin the long, arduous assault up the switchback trail leading to Velkalar's keep.

Over the evening of the 16th, into the 17th, Wolfhaven's forces continue to battle, eventually reaching the summit, and Velkalar's main fortress.

Battle for Lord Velkalar's Vale

The Alpha Team of the Greenway Road Rangers of Echer'Naught, along with twenty Wolfhaven Free Company Riders enter a hidden vale, north of the Wildland city of Montrel. There, at the east end of the valley, they discover an ancient defensive wall and gate protected by arcfire equipped mercenaries. 

Rool enters Alliance with Graysons Grey Rangers

Surviving the Siege of the Blood Witch and mourning the loss of Mak Torkash Ivarr, newly chosen Mak Torkash Ruzzalo begins negotiations with Grey Ranger 3rd Regional Headquarters in Echer'Naught. Silent support is garnered, beginning the slow process through Goblinesh Grey Lantern Rangers permission to station within the gather making them the second gather after Sog to display support. 


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