Red Wolf

Pseudo Flame

The Rangers of Sog, having some trouble with the discovery of a few empty villages in the Northern Gathers are doubling patrols.  They were investigating some reports of Ratzin when they came upon a horde of them, with a couple of Minotaurs and a small pack of Hobgoblins.  They were busy destroying an Darkness Corrupted Arcfire Ogre Zombie and a few other minor undead.  An important note that one of the more experienced Rangers had was that the Ratzin apeared to be newly "Made" and the process may have been rushed a bit as the body was similar to a "teenaged" Ratzin.  An Expert on Ratzin ba

Battle for the Builder Conclave


Battle for the Builder Conclave , Epilogue



Lieutenant Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw assumes command of Echer'Naught Regional Headquarters

After the dissapearance of Colonel Baron Wolfhaven during a fight with Tempest forces on Planting Moons 7th, 3124, Lt. Hawksclaw was given official temporary command of Echer'Naught and its associated regional holdings until such time as the Colonel can be recovered, or proven dead.


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