Red Wolf

Field Marshal Baron Alexander Wolfhaven assumes command of Erlgen Keep

After the attack of the unnamed adept on the attendees of Squire Lt. Avaran Halten's funeral, Baron Alexander Wolfhaven arrived to take command of the keep and secure the prisoner, Sir Eric Halten, Royal Sheriff of Echer'Naught and Royal Warden, who was charged with the murder of Lady Bolen.

Adept attack on Erlgen Keep

A massive Adept attack occurred at Erlgen Keep. Nobles were controleld en mass on a scale unseen at this point. Sir Eric Halten was nearly implicated in the murder of Lady Bolen due to having been controlled by the Adept. Velkalar suspected involved. 

A whole mountain crumbles to dust south of Faraway

A gigantic arc of amber light was seen on the south side of the Dichy of Faraway, linking a mountain next to the see, south of the village of Auzat to a high plateau in the mountain south of Nebias. Shortly after that, the light disapearred suddenly, and the whole south of the duchy was striken by a strong earthquake while the mountain south of Nebias literrally exploded from the inside.


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