Shaintar Calendar

Real World Months Shaintar Months Season
March, April, May Falling Ice, First Hunt, Golden Eagle, Planting Moons Spring
June, July, August Red Wolf, Eternal Sun, Thunder Hawk, Festival Moons Summer
September, October, November Dancing Clouds, Forest Dance, Raining Leaves, Harvest Moons Autumn

Holiday - Longest Night

Longest night (Dark Moons 33) is, as you can guess, the longest night of the year. Traditional celebration of Longest Night involves family gathering around the primary hearth or fireplace in the home and keeping a fire burning all night.  They tell stories of the ancestors or the heroes of the area.  Some areas have evolved this into an entire village or town gathering around a central bonfire and telling the history of the area, especially stories of heroes from that village/town.

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