Design Question about Bodyguards (Defender of the Gather)

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Design Question about Bodyguards (Defender of the Gather)

One of my players want to go Big Guy with a Shield, bodyguarding his group, I'm trying to find something that would appear to a Shield Bearer without Breaking the Game)


I notice that Shaintar only have one Edge that encourage Bodyguarding and it is limited to Orcs.

The Edge does not let the Hero block/parry the attack. He can only accept and take the hit.

I saw in other SaWo games (I don't know those games, and they are in different settings) approaches where you can parry the hit :

- Amethyst Untamed, Yojimbo -- If you are within Pace+2", you intercept the attack, using your parry, and if you are hit, you take the hit. It counts as your movement next turn, and if you wish to move+attack next turn you suffer MAP. NB : Pace+2" sounds too much to me.

- Interface Zero, Bodyguard -  you spend a benny to be allowed to intercept and parry a hit within 5".

And I was thinking to :

- alllow to parry with a -2 to your parry

My questions are :

- Did you "playtest" other options, before going with the one presented in Defender of the Gather ? Did you find the other options too stong ?

- Is there a reason why it is limited to Orcs ?

Thank you for your time.