Pattern Sight : Action and Maintance ?

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Pattern Sight : Action and Maintance ?


the Eldekar Edge "Pattern Sight" gives a power at will.

I'm assuming it still requires a simple Action to activate (thus in combat that could lead to MAP).

Since the Edge is not restricted to magic users only, I'm assuming that sight is Essence free.

Since it usually costs no action to maintain a power, I will suppose it does not require an action to maintain the sight. 

Am I assuming right ?

And I will suppose that once activated (with a simple action), it can last 3 rounds, but you can't maintain it more, and need to use a simple action again, if you want to use it longer. Or is it just free to maintain foreever ? And so, would an Eldeker stop maintening it ?

(in fact same question would go with the "detect arcana at will" from Arcane Backgrounds.