Question about Berserk in Shaintar

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Question about Berserk in Shaintar

Hi, (yeah again a question :) ) 

Berserk edge is not directly available, it is granted by other means. Yet it says that each time the player take a wound, he gets to roll an Intellect or go Berserk.

Dregordian have the Battle Edge : each round of combat, they roll or enter Battle Rage.

Dregordian, Embrace the beast Edge grants Berserk. Does it mean that when they fall to Battle Rage their immediatly gain the benefits listed in Berserk edge or does it mean they need to receive a wound to have a chance to turn their rage into berserk ? And they do stop with the Battle Rage rule (spirit -2) or the Berserk one (smart -2) ?

Brinchie, Fireblood : Edge grant them Berserk, and they may spend a benny to enter Berserk.  I suppose this means they might still enter rage if they are wounded and miss their roll ? or only if they spend a benny ?

Orc, Rage Master : it looks like it works just like Fireblood Brinchie.

Human, North-born : grant access to Berserk. So can only enter Berserk on a failed roll on a wound. Can't spend a benny to enter rage. Right ?

Orc, Improved Defender of the Gather, says that if a companion suffer a wound he goes berserk 'as per the Edge'. I suppose this means, the orc doesn't have the Berserk Edge, he can't enter rage when he himself suffer a wound. He only automatically enter berserk rage state when an ally suffer a wound. Period.

Thank you for your time and for helping me clearing up this rules. :)