Xaos in the Desert

In the early morning of the 33rd of Harvest Moons, 3126 five armies clashed across a harsh sandscape known locally only as the Valley of the Dead. From the west, marching from Birr, a massive 1000+ man Kal-A-Nar army under command of Dair-Az Lorask ki Gult, self proclaimed 4th Grand Warlord of the South,  Vas-Dair- Az m’ Surnas. At his side, the traitorous Olaran ex-pat Dair-Kron Kirall, a master battle strategist. From the north east, Prince Morok ki Anzher, Emir of A’Davar personally led his army of 500 foot warriors. From the east, a powerful Tempest Magus, Tempari, and an unamed Legate, led a force of no more than 250 Storm Legionaires. From the south, Prince Romar amin Romar, Supreme Amir of the Desert Riders rode with 500 of his own riders, along with Echer'Naught's Alpha Team in the Van.

Arrayed against these forces were over 1500 Xaos warriors, local mercenaries, and creatures beyond nightmare. Xaos forces encircled a half excavated complext of temples and pyramids dominated by a massive onyx ritual pyramid surrounded by four tall obelisks, one for each corner. At the peak of the central structure, the Xaos Wizards attempted to tear through the Veil and bring through their own god, Set, or some powerful avatar.

Over the course of the 33rd, the forces of Kal, Tempest, Desert Princes, and Rangers cut their way through Xaos lines. When all seemed lost, Colonel Wolfhaven arrived with a large composite force of Wolfhaven Free Company Riders, Order of Hammerfall Riders, and allied units. They struck the center of the Xaos lines. With the added weight of numvers, late in the eve Alpha Team and a Tempest squad finally broke through the lines. Together they attacked the obelisks channeling energy into the ritual site atop the pyramid, while the Princes and Wolfhaven held off Xaos counterattack.

Though one obelisk was destroyed, the ritual was completed, or partially so. Set, or his avatar, breached into Shaintar and attacked the Rangers. Though it cost them several, the Rangers were able to sever the god's connection to his power and disperse him.

With the god's destruction, Xaos' power was broken. The Black and Red sandstorms quelled, and Xaos forces broke and scattered.

However, victory was short lived. No sooner had Set fallen, then Tempest turned, cut their way through the field, and vanished into the sands. As they retreated, a new army emerged from the east. This, a MASSIVE Maelstrom army seemingly materialized from the very sands closed on the assembled armies.

Before the Empire's forces could finish mopping up Xaos and turn against them, Prince Romar took his remaning riders and rode south, leaving A'Davar's diminshed forces and Colonel Wolfhaven's cavalry caught between the Empire and the Maelstrom. Utter destruction imminent, Colonel Wolfhaven covered the A'Davar forces' retreat north toward their city...

Xaos was defeated, but the Empire remained in control of almost the entirety of the northern Eternal Sands, save for A'Davar.

Eternal Desert
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