Thundering Skies Kickstarter

Greetings Shaintarians!

As MOST of you know, the team at Savage Mojo has unveiled the Thundering Skies Kickstarter. To the "old guard" who were here four years ago, the Thundering Skies Plot Point Campaign is a culmination of our promise that your contributions, adventures, and concepts would impact the world of Shaintar, and now the entire Suzerain Continuum.

For our newer fans, the Thundering Skies Kickstarter offers you a unique opportunity to have an impact on the very first Collaborative Campaign run for Legends Awaken (J&L). As a backer, you can add your own heroes, villains, and event plot points to flesh out and customize the Thundering Skies adventure to your needs!

If you are brand new to Shaintar, or a player who has always wanted to run Shaintar, but been hesitant, Thundering Skies provides you with an entire adventure, toolkit, and adventure threads to start your Epic Adventure in the Shaintar world.

No matter if you are an experienced Shaintar GM, a newer addition to our community, or are looking to start your journey, the Thundering Skies Plot Point Campaign offers something for everyone! But we need your help to make this happen. Support the Kickstarter, Like our posts, and Share this opportunity with all of your friends. Together, we will stand in triumph!