Gray Lantern search for Answers

Falling Ice 22nd-26th

Attainment of this clue seemed significant or at least a hutch, already baring themselves upon the city of the ranger's headquarters. Digging up resources of the past revealed the Red store with dealings in the underground contracts. An outcast of the House of the Broken Wheel had such sources through relations with the rangers before a bounty was placed, whereabouts unknown. It was all the Grey's required for a lead to go searching for trouble that hopefully prevented further deaths. 

Ranger activity within Camden was a deadly proposition awaiting trouble. This forced GreyBlade to help manufactured appropriate disguises for his fellow comrades.  Relevant investigation methods eventually showed the informant was alive but maimed in the process which one would presume was left for dead. This lead occurred when the Greys separated to gain more pieces to the puzzle. Sharing insight upon a ghastly Bureau located near Serenity this victory was brief, Greywind whom was speaking to him watching the man slit his own throat before mercenaries in maroon dwarven wright full plate armor emerged. 

Ambushing the Aevakar, fighting off their superior armaments proved ineffective before an enlarged Nazatirian spike connected through the left eye of the scout, dropping him unconscious. They used him as bait, purposely stabilizing the winged fae as GreyClaw saw him fallen. Calling for the others they reached them as they got assaulted too as these mercs emerged from the ground and a few hovering in the air. Boisterous in leaking their true selves they ran from possible death in the Snake's Den, injuries cumulative as they mustered the strength to escape alive. Luckily they did not leave him dead immediately, though from examining him...the eye could not be saved.... They had another step to this mystery of the Olaran Wolf Lord but the bounty must have been staggering.

Roster~ ( Names omitted, all automatically Ranger 1st class barring its Sergeant with codenames known as an unit called The Greys )
GreyWind 1st - Swift Diminutive Aevakar Scout (male)
GreyEyes 1st - Blind Ogress Druid with Wolf (female)
GreyClaw  1st- Brawny Plainsrunner Fireblooded Brinchie (female)
GreyBlade 1st- Adept Assassin Goblin (male)
GreyBolt Sergeant - Linguistic Alakar Archer (male)
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