White Silver Wolves Mercenary Company Campaign Begins

Arriving on the 22nd of First Hunt, two days before the expected arrival of Col Wolfhaven's column, the Soldiers of Stahlheim under command  of Lieutenant  Rorauk Fyrforg arrive at a location between Stonefinger and Chol in the Northern Gathers region just north of the road.

Here, the Master Wrights and strong backs of the Stahlheim dwarves led by Sergeant Withenbrow "Whit" Brimstone, Siegemaster of Echer'Naught, rapidly begin constructing a large base camp to serve as the Headquaters of the White Silver Wolves campaign of harrasssment and resistance against the aggressive actions of the Kindgom of Shaya'Nor.

Already, the Soldiers of Stahlheim have made in-roads with the Gather of Irdok, though the true loyalty of the Shadowed Gathers is in serious question. 

White Silver Wolves Camp Layout

Northern Gathers
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