Rangers of Trollkeep - Campaign Reports

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Rangers of Trollkeep - Campaign Reports

The first wave of Rangers sent up here to Trollkeep set up an underground network in the caves below this Gather, working to keep an eye on the Kal empire and on Shayanor.  They also utilized the warrens and tunnels to assist in smuggling escaped slaves out of both nations and into the Southern Kingdoms.  When they promoted me and sent me up here with some of my fellow Rangers from Sog, I was supposed to set up a public Ranger Outpost.  Captain Addisane realized, or had prior warning, that my skill set would be more effective continuing similar activities to what she had been doing and we instead shifted the focus to expanding our operations while my friend Jok-Tar Firebeard set up his inn, expanding the brand he and his brother started in Sog and providing a place for Rangers and freed slaves to have a temporary place to work and hide when needed.

After a year of working this way and setting myself up in the shadows of Trollkeep, Ranger Headquarters has finally decided to send another group of Rangers up here to set up their official presence.  Supposedly this time there won't be the chance of a failed attempt, and I'm grateful.  An official presence is needed here, and it's none too soon.  Things are stirring up here that haven't been seen nor heard from in a long time; I don't think a quiet secret presence here will be enough to handle what's coming.  

I will keep this journal up-to-date, as I am able, to provide a record for the Rangers and the Black Lanterns of what happened and how it came to pass so that in the future when Darkness stirs like this again we might be more ready.

- Lieutenant Magpie Stormsinger, Trollkeep-Ranger Liaison

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Are you running a regular game out of Trollkeep?

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Yes I am.  Running for Sean's Friday group.  Just finished a mostly successful couple of games.

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