Gray Ranger: Expansion of Charter, Regional Commands, & Rank Insignia

Attention all Gray Rangers:

The Ranger Charter has officially been adopted by all Southern Kingdoms, Korindia (obeying all customs), and select Desert Princes. Negotiations are ongoing with Dregordia, resolution to be announced.

As the Charter and responsibility of the Rangers grows, so too does the requirement for greater organization. As such two new "Regional Commands" have been established (in addition to central command at Kythros), Coastline for far Western/Coastal forces and Echer'Naught for North and West Olara, North-west Wildlands and remote stations as designated.

Stemming from a conversation on Ranger identification, and officially endorsed by SPF, what follows should become standard for rank identification among Rangers. Based on an existing Olaran model, each Ranger should recieve the following item along with a promotion. When promoted, however, Rangers should turn in their old insignia and recieve the new. The three main sources for these are Kythros, Coastline and Echer'Naught in Olara, should a party not have sufficient local resources or talent. As the policy propogates, more Regional Commands will begin production and distribution as they are further estbalished.

Ranger Trainees- Lighter weight and green color Cloak w/ simple pin clasp

Ranger- Full Ranger Cloak, w / Bronze Cloak pin (Ranger Emblem crossed sword/crossbow)

Ranger 1st Class- Silver Cloak pin

Ranger Corporal- Gold Cloak pin

Ranger Sergeant - gain Silver Signet Ring

Ranger- Sergeant Minor- Silver Signet Ring w/1 engraved chevron

Ranger- Sergeant Major- Silver Signet Ring w/2 engraved chevrons

Ranger- Lieutenant- Gold Signet Ring

Ranger-Captain-Gold Signet Ring w/ silver band

Ranger- Colonel- Gold Signet Ring w/ silver band and White Silver cloak clasp

*Note, Official insignia are being produced and will be available soon. Until such time, you may use the crossed Sword/Crossbow template found here for the Cloak Clasps visual reference.