the tempest aftermath

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the tempest aftermath

following Sean's clarification of how the land was repaired after the floods, landslides and such ravaged shaintar

Is it safe to assume that if a cave system was found in an area that was previously hidden by earth and rocks before the tempest and someone went exploring that cave system when the land was restored, would they now be stuck in that cave system unless they obviously found another way out?

Keith Bailey

That would make sense to me, or if they had mearly taken refuge from the strom in the complex, they could be in trouble..

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Hope you brought your picks and shovels.

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Ouch. Well, that is a real bummer. And they would have NO way of knowing what was going on. I agree with David, hope you have picks and shovels.

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Granyt Fyrforg
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If they are lucky it leads into some tunnels that lead to a Dwarven Clanhome, if not so lucky tunnels that lead to a Builder Enclave.

The Dread Polack
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The healing was supernatural. I'm not sure how "smart" it was. It could be smart enough that any restoration wouldn't trap or kill anyone. It might be fun to have an adventure involving the PCs finding there way back out. If so, I'd go with it. If not, perhaps they'll find everything restored, except for a fairly neat exit left for them. Or, maybe a spirit of life will show them the way out. In short, I'd go with whatever suits your campaign the best. I don't think it'll be too hard to justify.

Sooz - RF
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I'm inclined to believe that, given the powers involved, the situation would resolve as TDP suggested.  The powers that be tend not to screw people over so heavily.

Saiderin the Raven
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If it would lead them to a grand adventure by having to find another way out, then go with that. 

TDP and Sooz are correct, however - no one is going to die from the healing of the world.

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