History of the Goblinesh Gathers

The Goblinesh are a people born of violence, and have forged a place in the world through violence. That they have, in many places, managed to overcome their violent beginnings to build communities and a more balanced way of life is nothing short of a miracle. It is for this reason that many believe the Ascended took particular interest in these races and gave them guidance early on, lest they became a terrible threat to all of Shaintar.

Many myths tell that the Goblinesh were led into Shaintar by demons in order to dominate all the lands in the name of Flame. However, the Goblinesh do not possess any inherent connection to Flame, which leads most scholars to reject this premise outright. Still, enough of the northern clans hold to their worship of Ceynara to lead most to believe they have a long history of natural disposition to the Flame.

The Goblinesh also have a long history of being either slaves or pawns to powers that have long ruled the North – the warlords of the Kalinesh and the Shayakeim of Shaya'Nor. Sadly, most of the northern clans still fall sway to these powers, and many of their people have died to the blades and magics of the South for no other reason than the blades and magics of the North pushing Goblinesh soldiers forward. 

However, the recent age has seen a dramatic shift for the Goblinesh. More and more clans have trekked southward, discovering ways of life that offered them far greater opportunity and freedom. The newer gathers have been built on a more cooperative model, where true collectivism is at work, and where each member of the community is given a chance to serve a purpose. The other races hope that this trend will continue, bringing more of the Goblinesh out of the North or, better yet, driving them to take control of those dangerous lands.