J&L Characters

For the Justice and Life campaign, most players will begin with 0-point Novice characters (unless your GM has told you otherwise). Many of you coming to this site will have already played your character at a convention, thus earning experience points you can use to level-up your PC. That's fine.

For those just beginning, you will want a copy of the core Savage Worlds Deluxe rules and the Shaintar: Players Guide; the former is ten bucks, and the latter is free.

For those not wishing to create their first character from scratch, there are a number of pre-generated characters that can you can choose from listed below.  For ease of creation, there is a "cheat sheet" which can guide you through creating your zero point character. It can be found here.

Once you have a character, head over to the Obsidian Portal page for your campaign and get them entered and approved by your GM.  Your GM will need to invite you to their campaign.  If you dont have a "home" campaign or just dont want to tie down your character to one campaign you can join the "Rangers at Large".  This is a general campaign page hosted by the Raven's Flock to make sure you have a place for your character to call home.  If you want to join this campaign page feel free to reach out to the GM via Obsidian portal or contact Gibben_Draxx_RF.

As well, it is very important to note that your character is becoming an official, canonical part of the Shaintar setting. This means he or she could end up becoming part of stories and other things that could be shared as part of the world through various media. If you are not comfortable with this, do not join this game. The only way for this amazing concept to work is if everyone involved willing allows for their character and that character's story to be official parts of the intellectual property that is Shaintar. By participating in this ongoing shared campaign structure, you are agreeing to that idea. If you don't want to, either create another character you are willing to essentially "give up" for purposes of publishing, or do not participate.

Sorry, but there is no other way to do this, otherwise.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at evilbeaglegames@gmail.com and I will do all I can to answer.

I also highly recommend you join us on one of the key social networking site groups for the game, our Facebook group or our G+ Community. A great deal of insider information will be shared in those venues.

Pregen Characters