J&L Events

This is a timeline presenting mostly recent events in the world of Shaintar. These events have taken place at and around Justice and Life games around the world and serve as part of the continually growing world of Shaintar.
Calendar of Shaintar
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Year Month Day Event
3125 Attack on Berell
3124 Dark Moons 33 Vainar Returns!
3124 Dark Moons Echer'Naught rebuilt
3124 White River 33 Ranger Internal Investigation team leaves Echer'Naught
3124 Gray Winds 21 Ranger Internal Investigation arrives in Echer'Naught
3124 White Stag 31 Shade attempts to infiltrate Echer'Naught Regional HQ
3124 White Stag 11 Ranger 1st Class Mugin Von Dietrich slain
3124 Harvest Moons 1 Stahlheim arrives in Echer'Naught
3124 Raining Leaves 33 Darkness Falls across the Gathers
3124 Raining Leaves 19 Ascent of the Phoenix Moth of the Northen Gathers
3124 Raining Leaves 5 The Battle of Geisterstadt
3124 Forest Dance 20 Stahlheim Echer'Naught Trade Agreement
3124 Dancing Clouds 26 Long Recon Ends (DragonCon 2015)
3124 Dancing Clouds 16 Echer'Naught under Ranger Administration
3124 Festival Moons 34 Lumi-Lapis: Stone of Light
3124 Festival Moons 32 Nox-Lapis (Stone of Darkness) found and Shaya'nor's troops massing
3124 Thunder Hawk 29 Captain Hawksclaw captured by Lord Velkalar
3124 Thunder Hawk 25 Long Recon Begins (DragonCon 2015)
3124 Thunder Hawk 23 Lord Harken leaves Sir Halten, Royal Sheriff of Echer'Naught in command
3124 Thunder Hawk 22 Grizhnak Olgor slain by Tor Mastak
3124 Thunder Hawk 21 Libros Nox
3124 Thunder Hawk 21 Kal-A-Nar forces Breach the Walls of Echer'Naught/Echer'Naught is saved
3124 Thunder Hawk 19 Bombardment of Echer'Naught begins
3124 Thunder Hawk 18 Siege of Echer'Naught Begins
3124 Thunder Hawk 15 Hunt of Gonoszfold (The Evil Land)