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The following is a compiled Calendar of Events from both the World Book and the Justice & Life Campaigns. As new data is entered into the wiki's this document will automatically update with the latest events.
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Calendar of Shaintar
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Year Month Date Title Type Location
3123 First Hunt 29 Volcano erupts in the Orcshields J&L Event
3123 First Hunt 21 The Oddballs Meet the Rooster J&L Event Kal-a-Nar Empire
3123 First Hunt 20 Thundering Skies - Stormclouds J&L Event
3123 First Hunt 20 Stormclouds over Shaintar World Book Event
3123 First Hunt 4 Taking the Takers J&L Event Olara
3123 First Hunt Rangers of Colbi Established J&L Event
3123 First Hunt Duke of Faraway desmise J&L Event Prelacy of Camon
3123 Falling Ice 34 Tempest Cyclone Strikes Echer'Naught J&L Event Echer'Naught
3123 Falling Ice 16 Strange sights above Targon's Arm J&L Event Goblinesh Gathers
3123 Falling Ice 15 Hunting the Shadow Boar J&L Event Olara
3123 Falling Ice 1 Captain Alexander Wolfhaven promoted to Lord-Colonel J&L Event Echer'Naught
3122 Dark Moons 20 Siege at Oakden J&L Event Jasara
3122 Gray Winds 29 Bomb Attack in Telok J&L Event Telok
3122 Gray Winds 15 Empty village and builders J&L Event Prelacy of Camon
3122 Gray Winds 1 Member of the Council of Nine Assassinated in her home J&L Event Jasara
3122 White Stag 16 Scarlet Dram Discovered on the Western Coast J&L Event Coastline
3122 White Stag 8 Rangers of Jasara Founded J&L Event Jasara
3122 Harvest Moons 33 Viviane of North Face caught by the Inquisition J&L Event Prelacy of Camon
3122 Harvest Moons 33 Comes the Tempest World Book Event
3122 Harvest Moons 30 The Island Cauldron J&L Event Coastline
3122 Harvest Moons 28 Battle of the Sudweid J&L Event Olara
3122 Harvest Moons 18 Death of Philibert of North Face J&L Event Prelacy of Camon
3122 Raining Leaves 16 Faulty Cauldron discovered below Echer'Naught J&L Event Echer'Naught
3122 Raining Leaves 11 Ranger Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw arrested J&L Event Echer'Naught
3122 Raining Leaves 8 Captain Alexander Wolfhaven arrives in Echer'Naught J&L Event Echer'Naught